Search Engine Optimization and Google Panda Update

Google Panda upgrade for Search Engine Optimization is also referred to as "Google Farmer". This update was provided by Navneet Panda from India, a Google engineer and a professional at Machine-Learning. Google released this update on February 2 4, 2011 and was named as "Panda Update" after the title of Navneet Panda.

It essentially centers around the singularity, relevance of the information. It examines various components like links, pictures, graphics and also other things. It examines the relation involving the name, the content and also the link that is given in the information. It plays an essential part in Google SERP (Search engine outcome page) position due to which several SEARCH engine optimization experts state that "This upgrade is more a rank variable than an algorithm upgrade."

Working of Panda Update for Search Engine Optimization

The largest possible amount of visitors among different search engines is shared by Google. It functions as a quality filter on search outcomes and utilizes wanted and unwanted site characteristics to be determined by survey data. A tiny variation in the Google algorithm substantially impacts the work of web site owners, particularly those who have high natural positions. The key focus of panda upgrade was on decreasing the rankings of inferior quality websites. It added modifications in algorithmic rule to spot the low quality sites and rated these websites so, cutting back the SERP( Search engine result page) standing for these web sites.

Personalized Results

If you're logged into your Google account for solutions like Gmail, you might see the search outcomes transform when you register and away from the account. This change is a result of the results as a means to offer you useful search results that Google utilizes. These results additionally influence standings of the web site. Websites are rated from these customized results. This is achieved by viewing your task in your online history while signed on to your own Google account.


Google's complete search outcome count is approximated from most of the relevant outcomes in the index. Google refines its investigation and shows just those results which are unique. It eliminates all of the content and answers are shown in line with the grade of content. This additionally shifts the specific quantity of sites which are came back for a certain query. Google research index endures lots of variation. Websites are added and eliminated often due to which search phrase could get distinct counts in the index, every single day of the week.